Switching to Jekyll

It's about time for spring cleaning, so dkume is getting a facelift and a name change. It's now known as the more pronounceable dewpoint and lives at dew.pt.

The ol' WordPress install and convulted caching setup was overkill for what could have easily been a static site, so dew.pt is now powered by the fantastic Jekyll with a modified version of @mdo's lanyon as the theme/layout.

It wasn't that long ago that everyone transitioned from simple static sites to complex CMSes like WordPress, Drupal, and others. Now there's a mass exodus back, largely thanks to GitHub Pages for "showing the way", along with the plethora of quality static site generators that have popped up since. It's a lot simpler to work with Markdown and a git repo than to have your content in a black box of a database and PHP app. The former is much easier to maintain, and much faster to run.

I think it's only a matter of time until most simple websites and blogs are back to their static-page origins.